Tuesday, May 16, 2006


It has been a bit quiet here at the Dutch Treat... as for the Holland House, it is never quiet with Dutch Jr. and now the Dutchess being vocal and active. Thus the quietness here, we have been busy with our new arrival, adjusting to new schedules, less sleep, enjoying the newness of a newborn again and marveling at how a three year old adjusts to his new little sister.

The question mark above, yes it does have meaning. I have a question for you... all two of you that may read this at any given time... what would you like to read about? There is much that goes on with two kids in the house as well as with Dutch Jr. and the Dutchess, so there should be many topics that can be covered.

Also, another question for both of you, why no comments? This is Dutch Treat, you should leave a comment and get this thing rolling.

Oh yeah, Mrs. Dutch will be posting, I promise. She just needs some encouragement and the masses to request her presence!

Until next time...