Thursday, August 31, 2006


Sorry for the delay!! I felt after my Bible Study today that I should post what I learned, though not all that profound. It is funny because it sort of answers the question below, what is God doing in our lives?

I started reading/studying 1John today, partly because it is short and we only have a few weeks before Fall Bible Studies start so I wanted to start and finish something before then. Also, I was intrigued by the intro in my Bible. It was talking about the Christian life and sin, how they mix and how they shouldn't. So I read verses 1-4 yes only 4 verses but in depth/slow reading is what I'm after here. John was proclaiming what he had heard, seen and "handled"(verified by touch), my Greek lesson for the day. It had been manifested to him and he wanted others to know about Jesus and the fellowship that they could have too.

I came away with a desire to have that kind of excitement for what God is doing in my life, how He is manifesting Himself in my life now. I also felt convicted not to have to go back a year or even 4 months to tell of a blessing or experience I had with Christ. So that leads to my proclaiming list of blessings from yesterday and today. These are not necessarily mountain top experiences but God is in the everyday life and sometimes our quest for the mountain top causes us to miss the road we are currently on.

List of Blessings:
Yesterday - A beautiful day playing outside with my son and working in the yard. Having dinner on the table when hubby got home!!

Today - being free to "cook" playdough with my son and watching his excitement over the end result!! Seeing our baby girl smile and giggle at her big brother!!!!

So there you go, my first official post! I am NOT a writer but I will share from my heart to the best of my ability. Thanks for stopping by!


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